How Does Care Coordination Help Me?

Many of us have been there.  Most of us will be there at some point.  There are times when either a family member, a close friend, or we, ourselves are faced with complex medical concerns.  It is common to feel overwhelmed with the daunting pressure of understanding the maze of healthcare and grappling with the logistics of identifying the next steps and the appropriate questions to ask. 

Beth Myers, BSN, RN, founded 2×2 Health: Private Health Concierge because she saw an immediate need for individuals and their families.   2×2 Health was born out of her desire to help patients partner with physicians and the care team to navigate the healthcare system as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Beth, who has extensive nursing experience with adults and children in intensive, inpatient, and outpatient settings, said, “For us, Care Coordination is the truest form of nursing.  In this capacity, the team members at 2×2 Health guide and partner with you so that you can make informed, personalized decisions about healthcare, while reducing your level of stress and giving you piece of mind.” 

While each individual has specific needs, the goals for Care Coordination often include the following:

  • Improve and enhance access to the appropriate medical care
  • Actively engage the individual and family members
  • Help the individual understand the disease process and, when appropriate, explore with the various treatment options with the medical team
  • Facilitate timely and accurate information between the medical professionals and members of the family
  • Identify and address barriers that may affect the individual’s ability to be active and adhere to treatments and/or maintain health
  • Partner with the individual, family members, and the medical team to assist with times of transition such as a discharge from the hospital or transferring to another location
  • Assist with the formalization and planning for next steps
  • Provide emotional support, guidance, and comfort as needed

At 2×2 Health, we are an extra set of eyes and ears in all appointments and assist with preparing and communicating with the appropriate team to best help you.  When we come together, we can help support you and your family through this critical time so that you can focus on your recovery and doing the things that you enjoy.  Healthcare with you.  Healthcare for you.

Wendy Benson, MBA, OTR/L

References: Institute of Medicine, American Nurses Association, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.    

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