In Service Of

Individuals + Their Families

For an individual and their family navigating the healthcare journey, we provide ongoing support at various levels of care.

Busy Families

For high performing families, we can help manage parent and children’s health care, schedule annual and regular appointments and serve as a clearinghouse of information and records.


For businesses, we provide high touch support for busy executives and their teams, ensuring that the health and wellness of the company is prioritized and managed.

Care coordination, professional companionship and wellness support for individuals and families.

Every 2×2 Health engagement is personalized and customized to your specific needs. And, each engagement can evolve and grow as required for your best outcomes.

There are three main types of service we see individuals looking for. You may need elements from each type, and your needs may change over time. We love collaborating to help individuals experience better outcomes.


You want the right care by the right people at the right time.
Figuring it all out? That’s where we come in.
We start with the most important question we can ask: “So, tell me. What’s going on?” From there, we craft a coordination plan specific to your needs. It’ll take into account everything from an individual’s goals, their personal and family, as well as their preferred doctors and hospitals.

Individuals need help navigating and managing the health care experience.
For patients and their caregivers, we’re here to help.
Wherever we meet you on your health care journey, during a health crisis, an overwhelming diagnosis, or during ongoing treatment, we are with you every step of the way. We partner with you, your family and your medical team. Beyond our clinical knowledge, we’re skilled caregivers, ready to shoulder the emotions and stress with empathy and compassion.

Creating a streamlined and smooth process improves outcomes and reduces stress. You don’t have to do it on your own.
Families and individuals often feel like they should be able to understand and manage everything themselves. Having someone with clinical knowledge at your side as a health advisor and ally can make all the difference.

A 2×2 Care Coordinator can:

  • Facilitate communication between current and future health care practitioners
  • Communicate between individuals, family members and loved ones
  • Participate in appointments as an ambassador and ally
  • Ensure understanding of diagnoses and treatment options
  • Gather and explain pertinent information
  • Understand the landscape of current situations for patients and their families
  • Coordinate details and logistics of various appointments, care plans and more

Clinical Companionship

In the home or at the hospital, we’re by your side.

At 2×2 Health, we provide highly professional expertise for individuals while they are hospitalized or in their home. As the expectations for family-provided care continue to increase and hospital stays shorten, caring for a loved one can be consuming. We can act as a support system for individuals and their families, whether post-surgery, overnight, ongoing, or as needed.

Any time there’s companionship, people get better care.
Outcomes improve when patients have someone at their side. Between offering a supportive word or calm presence, gathering information with the lens of clinical expertise or improving efficiency by creating one line of communication, we do it all.

Like having an experienced healthcare resource in the family and like having family there, 24/7.
We don’t provide home health care. Instead, we provide highly educated, compassionate companions to support individuals in the same ways their family would. This respite for caregivers and family members helps them maintain energy and reduces their worry.

A 2×2 clinical companion can:

  • Attend physical therapy or activity programming
  • Provide social and emotional companionship
  • Streamline communication and information
  • Be available 24/7
  • Be present at the hospital or doctor appointment when you can’t

Wellness Support

Health starts with wellness and prevention.
Whatever age and wherever someone is on their healthcare journey, we provide support to ensure the best outcomes. That means managing preventative and wellness care.

From check ins to check ups.
2×2 Health can provide check ins for individuals in nursing homes or living at home. This can include ensuring they or their care team are keeping up with social and emotional engagement, personal goals like hygiene and smoking cessation, and stocking up on food.

We also make sure individuals and families are current with well doctor visits, check ups, and appointments.

Additional Offerings Depending on Needs

Depending on each client’s current situation and need, there may be a specific service would be beneficial.  We are pleased to offer the following exclusive services:

  • Guidance and assistance with seeking skill nursing or rehabilitation settings as appropriate
  • Assistance with, or lead the interview process of support services as needed
  • Home Safety Evaluations and Recommendations
  • Accompany and preparations for physician visits, completion of detailed summaries, communication and follow up as appropriate
  • Personal presence during hospital stay
  • Care Conference Coordination

Do you have an additional request that you do not see listed here?  Please ask us.  At 2×2 Health, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalized services that are tailored to your specific needs.