What Does All of This Mean?

It can be challenging when we are concerned about the health and well-being of ourselves or our family members. It is natural to feel overwhelmed, or at least a little off-balance, when we are juggling an illness or other healthcare concern on top of our day-to-day life activities and responsibilities. It can be even more daunting when we feel like we just landed in a different galaxy with medical terminology for conditions, body parts, and diagnostic tests, that are not easy to understand.

Most of us did not go to medical school and we certainly cannot be expected to understand intimidating, unfamiliar medical jargon. According to The Washington Post, Marvin M. Lipman, Consumer Reports’ chief medical adviser, “Doctors’ use of medical terminology can leave patients poorly informed.” When we are already nervous about a healthcare condition, not completely understanding the words our care providers are using can leave us feeling even more anxious and unsure about our current situation. If we don’t even understand that, how are we able identify the best questions to ask, and then prepare for the next steps?

Our clients share with us that this is one of the primary reasons they find support and comfort with having a clinical team member from 2×2 Health with them at their doctors’ appointments. Everyone has a different level of understanding when it comes to medical terminology, although no matter the level, it is reassuring to have a nurse by your side. We collaborate with you and your medical team to ensure that everyone is informed and understands what is said. Our clients often tell us that before they partnered with us, they didn’t know what to do…. or what to do next.

The 2×2 Health team helps individuals and their families with:

  • Helping to prepare questions in advance of appointments
  • Describing and explaining the various diagnostic tests, conditions, medications, side effects, etc.
  • Clarifying the information that is being said in layman’s terms to be sure that everyone understands
  • Coordinating a summary after each visit for individuals and family members
  • Identifying and communicating options and next steps

We have been told that it is OK to ask questions, but when you have a clinical resource by your side, it can be easier, reassuring, and empowering. With 2×2 Health, we are right there with you, as an extra set of eyes and ears, each step of the way. When you make informed personalized healthcare decisions, it can significantly reduce your level of stress and give you real peace of mind. Healthcare with you. Healthcare for you.

Wendy Benson, MBA, OTR/L


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