Testimonials from Clients

  • “You have breast cancer….”

    After the first four words of that sentence, everything else does not immediately register.  There are appointments to make, tests to schedule, second opinions to think about.  With a nurse care coordinator and advocate, that person can worry about those things and get things taken care of medically that need to be taken care of.  As a patient, that frees up the worry of what really is important medically and lets you concentrate on handling your personal emotions and those of your family and friends.  Couldn’t have done it without the help of 2x2 Health – they are just what patients need!


    M.K. 2x2 Health Client
  • 2x2 Health and their compassionate team was truly a God-Send when our nine-year old daughter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia.  Without the help of them, and their knowledge, we would not have known what questions needed to be asked, what tests were going to be performed or where and when all of this was going to take place.  Our nurse care coordinator sat with us making sure we had all the answers and then asked the right follow up questions of the medical team.  She was there for every step of the fight, taking care of us and our daughter’s medical needs, while we took care of our daughter’s emotional needs.  We never will be able to thank her and the team enough for the support she gave us.

    J.S. Loved One of 2x2 Health Client
  • Congratulations! Your search to find the very best team to serve as your nurse care coordinator is over! When you hire 2x2 Health, you will be provided with your own 'personal nurse' who will partner with you to get you or your loved one the very best care. I suffer from a very rare chronic illness and fortunately, had a team of compassionate experts to help me traverse unchartered waters from the very beginning. She helped to connect with doctors to get me a diagnosis, answers, and care providers who would listen. Her medical knowledge, attention to detail, and dedication are unmatched. Her warm contagious smile is an added bonus. I honestly can say that without her help, I'm not sure where I'd be today. She genuinely cares about her patients, making her and her team members the most passionate and successful nurses you will find in this field.

    M.B. 2x2 Health Client
  • Dear 2x2 Health,

    I am writing this letter of gratitude to you because I am so overwhelmed with all the help you provided during my hospitalization and subsequent recovery period.  A massive stroke and then a liver transplant were something I never believed could happen to me, let alone live through.  You took control of everything, from my various medications, working with various doctors, all the doctor visits (there sure was a lot!), coordinating transportation and keeping pace with me all the way.  My wife and I were completely in shock, and you helped so kindly and efficiently; we never would have gotten through this tough ordeal without you.  Your knowledge of hospitals and various types of doctors saved Cathy and I from a lot of confusion and I'm glad it sped up a lot of visits and procedures. I'm recovering nicely with your help..... You're worth your weight in gold. God Bless you.

    T.G. 2x2 Health Client
  • When my son’s chronic health issues resulted in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, I enlisted the help of 2x2 Health: Private Health Concierge for nursing care coordination services. I was exhausted and confused at the constant miscommunication between the health care professionals and myself.  My nurse care coordinator eloquently communicated our needs to all of our health care professionals. She helped me navigate this very confusing and challenging time for my family. I feel that we finally have someone on our side that understands my son, our family, and our needs. The help of a nursing care coordinator is truly priceless.

    E.M. Loved One of 2x2 Health Client
  • This is to tell you how much I appreciated your service a couple of weeks ago. You and your organization 2x2 Health are truly life savers. The heart attack was a complete surprise to me; I had no previous warnings.  You came along and made the whole ordeal bearable.  I had no idea what the doctors were talking about-YOU DID.  I didn't understand the medications they were giving me-YOU DID.  You handled my release and follow up visits.  You made sure I got home and was settled.  I can't express my feelings of hopelessness and then HELPFULNESS you provide.  I'm recovering nicely, thanks so much for all you did, and your follow-up. 

    T.G. 2x2 Health Client
  • I am so fortunate to have 2x2 Health working on our behalf and blessed to know you as an organization.  I am so grateful for your talented nurses for always bringing me back to center.  They are such a fountain of information and I appreciate their kind words and am so lucky these amazing experts who care in our lives. Your support is greatly appreciated. The services you provide is SO needed! I’m glad you are all on our team.  I feel so much better, I’m relieved to know that I don’t have to carry all this care and medical care by myself. 

    A.G. 2x2 Health Client
  • 2x2 Health,

    I want to thank you for all of your help and guidance that you gave me when my family member was in the hospital.  I will be eternally thankful.  You provided valuable insight and clarity during a very stressful time with our family.  You are angels!

    K.F. Loved One of 2x2 Health Client

Testimonials from Clinicians

  • I called 2x2 Health to help a patient as I felt their knowledge and expertise would be helpful for my patient and her family.  Working with 2x2 Health has improved our communication various specialists and expectations of the care plan.  I highly recommend 2x2 Health and feel this is a valuable service that many patients and their families can benefit from.

    K.K. Physician
  • When I first heard about 2x2 Health I was intrigued to learn more.  What I found was that by working with the talented team at 2x2 Health, my patients have additional support and someone they can turn to at any time.  This service complements my practice and we work well together as a team.  This is truly a great service for patients!

    L.O. Physician
  • Working with 2x2 Health has increased the speed by which we can identify any problems and quickly devise a plan to address issues with our pediatric patients.  I enjoy partnering with 2x2 Health and feel confident that when we work together as a team, patient satisfaction scores increase and the patient and their family’s mind is more at ease.   

    S.P. Physician
  • As a busy physician, when one of my parents suddenly became very ill, I was in a tough situation.  Because of my work schedule, I felt that I was not able to give enough time and attention to all the doctor visits and follow up care during and after discharge.  I contacted 2x2 Health as I knew they would accompany my family members to their appointments and keep me informed of their progress.   The team members at 2x2 Health were educated, caring, and reassuring for my family members and to me.

    J.M. Physician
  • Thank you to 2x2 Health!  Working with a nurse care coordinator has been helpful to my Primary Care Practice. I find that patients have a better understanding of the Healthcare System because the 2x2 Health team is there with them every step of the way. By collaborating with the entire healthcare team and the patient’s family, we all have a better understanding of how the patient is doing after they leave our office and that our care plan is being followed at home.  With the team members’ extensive nursing background and sharp assessment skills, I appreciate their concerns, and welcome their communication with me. Because of this extra layer of help, patients have been able to leave the hospital earlier and stay out of the hospital longer.

    By working with 2x2 Health, you will find the team is passionate for making healthcare better for patients and physicians.  They will treat your family member like one of their own and will go above and beyond your expectations.

    I strongly recommend 2x2 Health: Private Health Concierge for nursing care coordination.

    T.J. Physician