Healthcare Companions.

Healthcare Coordinators.

As your private health concierge, our team acts as the collaboration hub between individuals, families and medical professionals.

With a team of highly trained experts with clinical and caregiving backgrounds, we know it takes a deep understanding of the science, emotions and relationships of caregiving to provide premier professional companion services and healthcare coordination services.

Our Customized Services

We provide everything from the managing of appointments to ensuring understanding of a diagnosis to navigating a treatment plan. We meet your unique needs with our unique highly personalized and responsive approach.

Post Surgical Care

Post surgical care processes can be hard to navigate – the 2×2 team is dedicated to making this process as easy and seamless and possible.

Clinical Companionship

Our clinical companionship services ensure holistic support from hospital to home and beyond.

Care Coordination

We’re here to help individuals navigate and manage their healthcare experience from patients and caregivers and more.

Healthy Living

Our team cares for those recovering from surgery, hospitalization or illness, and for those who are healthy and want to stay that way.

Meet The 2×2 Team

We are highly trained, compassionate experts with clinical and caregiving backgrounds. We believe in collaboration and patient-centered efforts. We are the hub of care with a deep understanding of the science, emotions and relationships of caregiving.

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